Conference Dates: October 26-28, 2017

This year the conference will begin at 8.30 am on Thursday, October 26, and end as usual at 12.30 pm on Sunday, October 28, 2017. With the increase in popularity of “Pre Conference Thursday” we have made the move to include these sessions as Day One of the Annual Conference. You are welcome to request to hold your meetings Thursday – Saturday.

Availability and Preferences:

The conference will accept association meeting requests on a first come first served basis. Once we have maximized on meeting space in the Concourse Hotel, we may be able to secure meeting spaces near the hotel (such as rooms in the Madison Area Technical College across the street). We will offer a wait-list and extend offers if meeting space should become available.

We understand that scheduling meetings around many individuals schedule can be difficult. However the conference strongly prefers that meetings are not held during sessions (Friday 8.30-12.15, 1.45-5.30; Saturday 8.30-12.15, 1.45-3.30; Sunday 8.30-12.15), and will not offer space during All-Conference events (Friday night Keynote Address 6-7 pm and Dinner 7.30-8.30 pm; and Saturday afternoon Plenary Session 3.45-5.30 pm). If your group requires permission to meet during these times, special requests will be considered.

AV Requests and Banquet Needs:

The conference may have access to an LCD projector for your group to use. Please know that we are unable to provide laptops. If you require additional AV equipment or food and beverage for your event, please review the Concourse Hotel pricing sheets:

AV (

Breakfast menu (

Lunch menu (

Breaks menu (

Reception menu (

Thank you for your request to hold a meeting at the Annual Conference on South Asia.
Bradley (
will be in touch about your room assignment.

Meeting Information

As you want listed in our publicity.

Please spell out any acronymns.

Meeting Time Options

Please check how many hours you require.

AV Requests and Banquet Needs