The Madison Concourse Hotel and Convention Center blocks a certain number of rooms for the weekend of the conference, but many participants and attendees will have to seek lodging elsewhere around Madison as these rooms tend to fill early in the year. The conference staff has arranged for a block of rooms at many other hotels around Madison, and individuals can also seek rooms at other locations around the city.

Check out the list below of hotels near the Concourse Hotel and in other parts of Madison to book your reservation. Visitors may also seek room shares or housing with Madison residents on the Roommate Board. Fill out the form below with the required information to be added to the board by conference organizers. Please give at least one week for information to appear. Roommate Board requests close on October 8, 2017, and the board will be cleared following the conference.

Note: Conference participants and attendees should make their own hotel room reservations. The conference staff CANNOT make reservations for individuals, and similarly the conference staff has no control over the room blocks at each hotel. The room blocks are limited and first come, first served.

Please provide the following information to be added to the Roommate Board in the form below. The details you provide will be added to the Roommate tab above. Allow a week for conference organizers to update the board after you submit a request. Conference organizers will not accept Roommate Board requests via this form after October 8, 2017.

You may request to be removed from the Roommate Board; however, there is no guarantee that conference organizers will be able to accommodate this request until after the conference when the board is cleared.

Please do not email conference organizers with information to be posted on the board. You must fill out the form below to be added.

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What nights will you stay in Madison?**


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Do you have any preferences for roommates? (E.g., gender, number of people, etc.)

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